Dimitris Foutris
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Black Tuda, 2006
Collaborative Project with Poka Yio, Em Kei, Apostolos Zerdevas and Nethescerial band
At Ileana Tounta Gallery, May 2006, Athens, Greece


Dimitris Foutris | Em Kei | Poka-Yio | Apostolos Zerdevas
present a black metal art project with:
At Ileana Tounta Gallery | Sunday 14 May 2006 | 20:30-22:30
Costumes by Athena Kalogirou, styling by Katerina Manolaraki, make-up by Christos Kaliarekos
With the kind support of Ileana Tounta Gallery
Sponsored by Μousiki & Μousiki –sound & light equipment rental-, Boutaris Wineries S.A.


BLACK TUDA is a project that brings together four contemporary artists and one music group in a
one-off event at Ileana Tounda gallery space. The work presented here is a situation rather than a
group show, a gig rather than a private view.
Dimitris Foutris, Em Kei, Poka-Yio and Apostolos Zerdevas invite NETHESCERIAL, a black metal
band to 'raid' the gallery, creating a world of myth, extravagance and darkness within its white
walls. Like a secret society, BLACK TUDA are 'infecting' the space, superimposing images of
symbolic power, catastrophe and 'the evil'.

Nether /adj 1 (archaic) lower: the ~ regions/ world, the world of the dead; hell; dark. Scurillus / adj using,
full of, violent and taunting words of abuse.

NETHESCERIAL is a black metal band, formed in March 2002 by Draco Caelestis: vocals, R'lieh:
keyboards, Noctuary: guitars and Voradorb: bass, originally going by the name DARK CONSPIRACY.
In December 2003 they recorded a 3-track promo. A month later Flegethon: drums (session),
joined the band and in March 2004 they played their first concert in a Greek death/ black metal
In June 2004, NETHESCERIAL played support to MORTUARY DRAPE. Dagwn: lead rhythmguitar & backing vocals, joined the band and also took on designing the publicity material.
In January 2005 Noctuary left the band. During this time the band had finished their first full-length album at Fragile Studios.
In November 2005, NETHESCERIAL found their current drummer Yngve. With the full line-up, Nethescerial have started playing live, the most recent gig being at Underworld Club on the 14th of April 2006.