Dimitris Foutris
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Make Me Believe I Am Not Going To Die, 2010
Glass, marble, metal, wires, bulbs
Dimensions variable



Installation View:

From the exhibition 'Evolution ID' at Ileanna Tounta Gallery, Athens, Greece

Curated By QWERTY Team



The exhibition aims to highlight the role of individual groups within the larger experience of social life and to create a space where two groups of artists and two art practices may coexist and engage in dialogue with one another. Contemporary design –the visual expression of collective identity– and contemporary art –the expression of an inner quest for personal identity– are brought together in an exhibition featuring original, stereotype-free work.

According to Émile Durkheim, every society has its own “collective consciousness”, which is formed of the common experiences, ideals, values and sentiments shared among all individuals in it. The collective consciousness precedes the individual; it is external to the individual, transcendental and imposed upon individual consciousness.


Excerpt from press release