Dimitris Foutris
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Peaceful Death And Beautiful Flowers, 2006
Casein matt paint and water based gloss paint on wood,

200X132 cm


Installation View:

From the exhibition 'Apolis' at Hellenic American Union Gallery, Athens, Greece, Curated By Kostis Velonis



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In the work of Dimitris Foutris the image of a state that closes its gates hermetically gives rise to questions as to who, when all is said and done, is trully without a city: the one who stands outside the gate, or perhaps the state itself whose indipendence and isolationism from the outside imaginary environment seeks to highlight a different community.


Text from the 'Apolis' exhibition catalogue by Kostis Velonis




The roots of sorrow sinking into the abyss of unconquerable darkness often spring from romanticism in search of an outlet.

When it is dark, I feel free to retreat into my inner self.

The catatonic image of faraway earth.

Depressing shadows creeping up weirdly on a half-buried, melancholic tower, with soft and uneasy voices. Within the frozen soul of this landscape reigns the unbridled chaos of everlasting night.

Woedherlasft, the frozen city!

How did I get here?

Perhaps nothing can stop my intense desire for terrifying and strange thingsยท for harsh and jarring sounds, traveling to a different reality, where infinite, nauseating landscapes satisfy the need for purple depression.

Here there is a black lake, maliciously surrounding the inner, deformed castle, made of dark granite and shiny metal ledges.

An ancient artifact whittled in the form of an arrow rises imposingly over the silent setting below the curve of the moon. A thin curved line is all that remains to illuminate the city.

A slight odor of decay. Perhaps this relic represents all that is left over from an ancient religion, a symbol of some horrendous and secret system.

Roaming on the edges of unreal, my blood freezes in this macabre, enthralling, cursed environment which makes the deep black wings of crows seem like white flakes of snow.

I prepare to escape on the last space-ship.

Dimitris Foutris

Text from the 'Apolis' exhibition catalogue based on the work 'Peaceful Death And Beautiful Flowers'.

The word 'woedherlasft' is the combination of the words, death and flowers.


General view