Dimitris Foutris
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Possible Stage For A Heavy Metal Guitar Solo Performance (After Mortician’s Obliteration), 2005

Mixed media, dimensions variable

Installation View: Deste Fountation, 4th Deste Prize, Athens, Greece



Searching through the haze of the counterculture, the work ‘Possible stage for a heavy metal guitar solo performance’, Using the occult imagery to reflect political topics and social issues through music and its ability to transfer an emotion to others.
The viewer trapped in a timeline where something has or will happen in a moment, recalling something familiar that took place in the past, picturing himself in a concert or performing on stage. Based on his perception of the world struggles to discover something of eternal meaning.
In the end, it becomes clear that the work is in fact a continuous loop of past, present and future signs that criticize the Heroic and the False.


Dimitris Foutris

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