Dimitris Foutris
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The Arbitrary Order Of Things, Neatly Rigor In Small Groups,

To Any Direction, 2014
Marble, wood, glass, metal, ricepaper, clips, paper,

photocopies, masking tape,

Dimenions variable


Installation View:

From the exhibition 'The Symptom Projects 05 / Failure'
at the former hospital of Amfissa, Greece
Curated By Theodoros Zafeiropoulos



The installation continues to be in a suspended state of design, in a continuous flow and evolution between the beginning and its completion. It gives the feeling of being in an intermediate phase, thus developing a relation to the 'uncompleted'. The spatial development of the objects that constitute it - worthless industrial materials such as: marble, wood, glass, iron, rice paper, clips, paper, photocopies, paper tape - produces monumentality, while the assembled objects give rise to a new work. The external factors, such as the note of someone, can directly overturn its own structure, thus revealing to the spectator a nearer approach/observation, which continually readjusts the concept of the 'original idea'. A recording of the process is imprinted on the space, an ever-renewable attempt to approach the final objective.


Excertpt from the 'The Symptom Projects 05 / Failure' catalog.