Dimitris Foutris
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Untitled 2 (From The Gate Series), 2013
Archival fine art print, glass, letter clip, plywood base
Dimensions variable


Installation View:

From The exhibition 'Fever Of The Antique', Association Of Greek Archaeologists, Curated By Evangelia Ledaki, Athens, Greece, 2014


See also: 'From The Gate series'


The work creates a field comparison of transparency (glass surface) and the obfuscation-repellent (of unspecified visualization of printing which is appended behind glass).

Here transparency does not specify, only highlights the very obscure. Illuminates the treaty to which prevails abd indicates a state of mysticism behind the broadness of prismatic glass, a blurred impression attached. The impenetrable density of the portrayed space evokes a metaphysical ontology.

Foutris introduces the parameter of the Byzantine heritage, an issue which as iconography, aesthetics and metaphysics runs his entire practice.

The work presented in the exhibition is an abstract condensation of previous attempts, perhaps a turning one, a consideration of Byzantine art orientated towards an enlightening aspect of Orthodox spirituality, with incorruptibility, the light aura, the robustness and with the dematerialization to renew the artistic construction.


Evangelia Ledaki