Dimitris Foutris
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Utmost Good Faith, 2018

HD Video 1080p, 6:30 min. Colour, Stereo Sound


A certain type of text and images from catalogs of luxury super yachts came to my attention. I started to think about the concepts of Luxury and the Ego, the human behaviors that are related to Pleasure, Wealth, Excess, Travel, Exploration and their extensions in one’s social ascending juxtaposed with an immense impact on Nature.


The relation of this theme along with the poem by Adrienne Rich - Diving into the Wreck, was the backbone of this project.

Luxury, serving as a symbol of the Ego, has the ability to exalt – or to create out of nothing - the distinctive or unique character of matter, it almost consecrates it. It entails deep emotion and desire.

The ambition to be unique can be succeeded obtaining luxury items in order to develop and enhance a personal and social identity, as well as a social status, regardless of the impact this self centered view may have on the environment.


Adrienne Rich on the other side focuses on self-exploration, sets off on a mythical journey traveling from outside to inside, from top to bottom. The image of a ladder, another important symbol in the poem that represents a doorway perhaps, reflects the way to enter into the Self. She dives into the water to discover the wreck.



Installation View:

4th ARP (Artists Residency Program) by Eagles Palace Hotel, As Part Of The 59th Thessaloniki Film Festival Program,Ypsilon Space, Thessaloniki, Greece, Curated By Aliki Tsirliagkou